New Starch Solutions

NewStarch Solutions is a manufacturer and distributor of sustainable packaging products made from starch used in a variety of different markets and applications. Our products often replace harmful Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) while being priced competitively. Starch packing peanuts are an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to traditional Expanded Polystyrene peanuts.

This loose fill option will protect your products, while our newer line of solutions can be customized to meet your needs.
In addition to cushioning your shipment, these corn based products are environmentally friendly. They are re-usable or can easily be disposed of by dissolving in water.


Our packaging solutions reduce manufacturing time by setting up production facilities close to the suppliers.

Optimizes end product handling by shipping pellets to distributor’s warehouses.

Pallet sized bags store compactly and are easy to unload and handle.

Custom equipment is installed at the customer’s site for easy extrusion into end-state peanuts and other packaging products.

Each bag is easy to hoist and hang. The easy dispensing system saves time loading into machines.


Reusable, refillable bags make it easy to manage inventory at production and distribution sites.

NewStarch Solution’s reduces transportation costs by shipping concentrated pellets to distributors.

One bag of pellets will produce a semi-load full of end product.


The Supplier-to-Consumer process chain reduces emissions to the environment, saves fuel and helps companies meet their Go-Green strategies.

Eco-friendly Starch Sheet Packaging are compostable or dissolve easily with water and pressure.

Bags used to ship products are reusable.


Ongoing research is what makes us different from our competitors. From pellets to peanuts to our latest products that use bio-based, renewable raw materials – we strive to find the next solution for you.